Whats your Diablo3 FPS with POL?

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shelbydz Vendredi 25 Mai 2012 à 17:55

Hi all,
I'm curious to what performance people see in Diablo 3 and if I should be able to squeeze more fps out of my system.

  • ATI 6770 w/ latest drivers (I think)
  • Ubuntu 10.10 running Unity
  • Diablo 3 settings are low, but res is 1080p
  • Around crowded towns and such FPS is 20 ish
  • In lighter areas, I hit 50ish
  • When battles get heavy and stuff is going down, I've dropped to the single digits. Basically unplayable.
What do you all get?
Quentin PÂRIS Vendredi 25 Mai 2012 à 18:25
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

(That's away from the point, but if you disable 3D unity stuffs, you'll get far more fps)
shelbydz Mardi 29 Mai 2012 à 16:36

I spent some time this weekend upgrading to 12.04 XUbuntu. I noticed a bit of a performance gain, but not much. I'd say maybe 10 - 15%.

Looking at the forums here, it seems others see similar issues with ATI cards. Has anyone found a solution yet?

shelbydz Mercredi 30 Mai 2012 à 16:26

I changed the renderer to OpenGL, added the -opengl argument to the .exe and it seems to run a bit better. I'm now at a solid 30fps in crowded areas.

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Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 7 Juin 2012 à 18:06
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

I will try to find a way to disable logs in PlayOnLinux 4.1.2. It might improve fps for verbose programs like Diablo III
thrillerbee Mercredi 13 Juin 2012 à 1:33

How does one view their FPS?
DTurtle Jeudi 14 Juin 2012 à 12:20

How does one view their FPS?

Quote from thrillerbee
Ctrl + r
schotty Mercredi 11 Juillet 2012 à 4:00

My fps is fine, its the damn lag. The lag is absolutely killing me.