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bass3h Lundi 16 Juillet 2012 à 21:18


Ive been using the League of Legends testing script for about a week now, and i must say it's better then i expected, everything was working near flawlessly and ive rarely encountered any bugs.

Well, the reason for this threadstart is not to glorify or hate on the script, i will just explain what problems i have encountered to help for further development.

I will try to keep the known bugs out of this.

The first problem ive encountered is that i always had to login twice because of lol telling me that i don't have a network connection (I have stable 52mbit/s wireless), but on second time trying i get in without any problem.

The second problem occurs when i play more then one game without restarting the client, around the 20minute mark the client crashes and gives me a bugsplat report, when this happens i must restart the client and reconnect to the game.

The client won't login with the latest 1.62.12 patch of the game, this is probably already known, but i thought i would just say it.

I do keep in mind that it's still a testing script so i don't expect it to work flawlessly, i didn't really expect it to work at all, i just hope that this info might help you in the progress.

boneszbo Mercredi 18 Juillet 2012 à 10:47

How can i install script League of Legends from repo?
I have this link: playonlinux://
But i cant open it from Firefox / GoogleChrome /rekonq
Unknow Protocol or Please open this file with PlayOnLinux or PlayOnMac
Someone help me??

OS: Kubuntu 12.04
PlayOnLinux: 4.1.3
petch Mercredi 18 Juillet 2012 à 12:48

Install button in PlayOnLinux, just be sure to check "Testing" checkbox so it appears in lists.
michaeljwjr Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 6:54

When I try to install LoL from testing it tells me I need version 4.0.18 and I can't find that version to download. I'm using 4.0.14, the version from the Software Center.
petch Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 8:22

Click on 'Download" on top of this page, and add PlayOnLinux repository to your Software Center
michaeljwjr Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 10:14

i went there and go the following: 

wget -q "" -0- | sudo apt-key add - sudo wget -0 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/playonlinux.list
gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.

xpander Jeudi 19 Juillet 2012 à 16:45

login twice problem is also on windows. at least some of my friends allways experience this. while i dont under linux (playonlinux)

that bugsplat error i get after every match,. but i just click "dont send" and play another game. no problems caused by that for me.

only bug is with the cast bars on recall which doesnt show the status. but thats a minor bug.
framerate is mostly at 60 fps with all settings high including shadows
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