Fallout New Vegas Script Launch Problem

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d10sfan Samedi 11 Aoüt 2012 à 0:32

I am trying to use the Fallout New Vegas script to install the game, and the install works fine, but when I try to load the launcher I get everything greyed out and an Install button as the first button, instead of play. If I click on that, it says that the game hasn't been installed, even though it has been.
rynosaur Mardi 14 Aoüt 2012 à 22:31

I have this same problem, and did not have this problem when I tried with an older version of linux and POL. Are you running Ubuntu Precise 64-bit or Linux Mint Maya 13 x64, by the way? I'm running Mint Maya x64 with POL 4.1.6.

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d10sfan Dimanche 19 Aoüt 2012 à 9:25

Yeah, I'm running Linux Mint 13. What wine version were you running when it worked?
scribblemaster Lundi 27 Aoüt 2012 à 20:46

I have this same issue on Ubuntu 12.04 32-bit. Have either of you resolved it?