CoD Black Ops Stack Smashing Detected

Game crashes with "fatal error" message, stack trace included

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person1 Mercredi 26 September 2012 à 3:27

I got the intro movie to play. The game crashes when the title screen & menu should come up (which I believe is the point at which it first uses any 3d capabilities) with a message box that just says "fatal error". However I was able to grab this output from the terminal (the top of this includes opening playonlinux & launching steam, then launching the game):

Am I loading the wrong version of a DLL or something?
The relevant bits probably start where it says "stack smashing detected".

I can't get the log to paste correctly in this forum's HTML editor so here is a link to a pastebin

Running on Radeon Mobility HD 5000 series, using Mesa drivers.

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