Does nVidia 660 work with Ubuntu and POL?

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MarreMus Samedi 20 Octobre 2012 à 21:02

Hi all,
Does nVidia GTX 660 work well with Ubuntu and POL?
Anyone running a graphics card like that?
Are they identified by Ubuntu?
Do they work well with the Ubuntu nVidia driver?
Any problems with installation?

Thanks in advance


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petch Samedi 20 Octobre 2012 à 21:05

Usually nVidia cards are very well supported under Linux (excluding maybe Optimus combos).
MarreMus Samedi 20 Octobre 2012 à 21:17

yes I know, but I got a MSI 560 SE that works only with the "original" nVidia drivers (not the "Ubuntu-nvidia" or the noveau).
This means that the card "works", but not with POL (cant find 32-bit libs...)
I have been trying to sort that mess out, but I cant. Too complicated.

I plan on getting a 660 instead - if they are more nicely supported.
Im running Mint 13 (64)
So, that's why, I just wanted a "reference".

petch Samedi 20 Octobre 2012 à 22:34

nVidia drivers are "unified", meaning the same drivers for all cards (at least, for large family of cards).
So if you can't manage to correctly install some card, you'll most likely fail for others.