Final Fantasy XIV

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wokkin Mardi 13 Novembre 2012 à 10:12



I made a search for this and did not find anything about this game,


Has there been any testing for this or has anyone made it work? I was going to give a try to install it when I get home this afternoon.


Best Regards J



nickgermaine Mercredi 12 Mars 2014 à 16:23

Even 1 and a half years later, no replies.

According to WineHQ, it will run under Wine. Usually something that works in Wine is easier and works better with Playonlinux, in my experience. I'm just installing Ubuntu 14.04 right now, and will update after I try it out. (On windows I get 40-50 FPS. That's what it says but it feels a lot faster, which all highest settings, so I'll use that as a comparison to how well it runs with my specs).
allenskd Jeudi 13 Mars 2014 à 11:57

I got half of it running, I say half because I'm not a subscriber (yet). I had the game installation done before so all I had to do is run it... 1.7.1-CSMT WINE. There are a few gotchas along the running process, please check the WINE page as they discuss the majority of the things you need to do. (install IE, mark wininet as builtin, etc etc)
hradek Mardi 30 September 2014 à 1:40

Fighting this now. Any hints on what all to install?

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