Assassin's Creed 3? Anyone got it working?

Getting all kinds of errors

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dingodave Dimanche 25 Novembre 2012 à 0:59

I tried to install AC3 from the download purchase, and am having fits getting it to work. I finally got it to install, but now I'm getting all kinds of errors when I try to run it. I finally had to manually install d3dx11 on wine for the DLL, but I don't know where to go from here.

Thanks for any help!
Ronin DUSETTE Mardi 4 Décembre 2012 à 18:07

Dont use DirectX 11. I have had nothing but problems. Off the top of my head, you will probably need a wine version that has the ubisoft patch for it, as well as install the following dependencies before you install the game:

VCRuntime 2008 (and maybe 2010? I do both most of the time)
d3dx9 and d3dx10
Mono 2.8 (.NET doesnt work for crap in wine. haha. )

Surprisingly enough, Mono has damn near full compatibility with .NET 3.5, at least from what I saw on their website, and honestly using mono 2.8 (and sometimes upper versions), I rarely see .net problems, and most of which I have been able to fix by switching a DLL here and there.

Also, check's appDB, as im pretty sure its listed in there. I had AC2 running SO fly in linux. I broke it somehow, but it ran great. And I didnt use the POL Tie (or whatever its called) for it. Just installed by hand, using some of these dependency installs.

Almost every game that I see, especially now, will for SURE require vcruntime at least 2008 (some older games use 2005, but 2008 should work for 2005 compatible games), direct3d, and .NET (which we would use Mono for).

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