LoL freezes in game

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oPtion Mercredi 5 Décembre 2012 à 20:48

After that last patch LoL freezes in game (after champ load). Its trying to do something, but in the end it freezes. Now I looking at frozen screen and its frozed at 00:03 and with 02 FPS and i hearing background music/sound. Before the patch i was having about 30 FPS a little lags but it was ok. Logs shows nothing special, if you need i can upload it. All drivers are up-to-date, oh and I installed that HACK which was posted on this forum.

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LamerTex Mercredi 5 Décembre 2012 à 21:36

Mmmm in my case it freeze only when I click on the shop...
How you installed the HACK? If you can tell me how, I can try to see if after the install I'll have your same behavior :)
LamerTex Mercredi 5 Décembre 2012 à 22:05

I've just tried another time, it's all ok (also with 60fps stable) but when i reach exatcly 0:50 the game just freeze, not the programm the game itself...
I can hear the sound i can move the camera but the time the gold and the champs it's all freeze O_o
oPtion Mercredi 5 Décembre 2012 à 22:27

I used already compiled version from some dude:

Now i see he edited post and saying that its some issue with ATI cards, and says that you need to set wine to Windows XP and use original wine version on the PlayOnLinux configuration. Will test in second. Also i tried to edit game.cfg for lower graphics - same problem.



I tried 1.5.12 its seems litle better but freezes also, but at 00:07 and 14 fps.

P.S. Before i used 1.5.18 build.

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skvate Mercredi 5 Décembre 2012 à 23:43

Seems like someone else is on it:

The game freezes when trying to access the shop. Havent tested the fix yet.

Update: Replaced the with the one from the fix, but the launcher wouldnt even start. Probably a from a different wineversion...and maybe only works for macs.

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Quentin PÂRIS Jeudi 6 Décembre 2012 à 1:06
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

You have installed mac's Please read the news
oPtion Jeudi 6 Décembre 2012 à 22:31

Do you have any idea of solution for ATI cards bug?
Diamond Vendredi 7 Décembre 2012 à 0:06

My screen freezes at the very beginnig of the game. One second and I cant move anymore. I installed wine 1.5.18 - LOL az well as MONO.