How to install playonmac?

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ilcontegis Lundi 21 Janvier 2013 à 2:05

Dear all,

Yesterday I used for the first time a mac.
My friend's pc is a 2009 macmini, I downloaded the .dmg file from the download section doubleclicked it and a window with 3 icons appeared (applications, playonmac, uninstall).
I selected playonmac and tried to install it (it also installed xsomething). Once finished to install I did a reboot, but no playonmac was appearing on the applications section. why?
I had to run again from the dmg file (which I believe it's wrong). I tried to install a game, but once finished and lauched I got black screen. 
Once restarted the mac are run once more the dmg file the installed file disappeared.

What did I do wrong?
I would be happy if you could help me with this.
Thank you!
ilcontegis Mercredi 13 Février 2013 à 2:53