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Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter (MMO)

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konner920 Thursday 23 May 2013 at 3:44

So someone has a script on Reddit for POL, works perfect. But I have "some" problems.

I heard cryptic actually makes their engine a little more wine friendly, so their games can work without much tweaking.

Wine version: 1.5.29
Kernel 3.7.10
Distro: OpenSuSE 12.3 x86_64
Wine prefix: 32-bit (required for Neverwinter)
Installed IE8 and Directx9
Latest closed-source AMD FGLRX drivers. (13.4)
GPU: Radeon HD 7870 2GB
X.Org server 1.13.4
8GB DDR3-2133
AMD FX-8350
DE: KDE 4.10.2

Note: This is a brand new installation of Mageia 3.

I'm running OpenSuSE 12.3, and I have a Radeon 7870. I have the FGLRX closed source drivers installed, and I was wondering if depending on the X.Org version, would the drivers perform a bit better? I'm using KDE, and I have all the desktop effects disabled, to help improve gaming, but I always hear bad things with AMD drivers, and I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that has been playing, if they have an AMD radeon GPU, what their performance is like, or if they're using Nvidia, what the performance is like.

I have to have the graphics settings on low for it to run smooth. At first launch the game needs GLSL off, and with that off pink textures are EVERYWHERE on AMD GPUs (From what I've read, doesn't happen on Nvidia) Turn it on after the first launch, and it launches with GLSL on just fine. I have the video memory size at 2048 (Since the Radeon HD 7870 is a 2GB GPU), GLSL on, and everything else on default. It has to be installed in a 32-bit prefix for it to work, as it need Directx9 (For the game) and IE8 (For the launcher to work.) Hope to hear back from someone. Thanks for this amazing program POL team, this has made getting PC games on Linux working so much easier, since I'm kinda dumb when it comes to setting up things through the terminal.

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xpander Sunday 26 May 2013 at 9:40

i have a nvidia card
Wine version(s): 1.5.28 - 1.5.30
Kernel 3.9.2-pf
Distro: Arch Linux x86_64
Wine prefix: 32-bit (required for Neverwinter)
Installed IE8 and Directx9
Nvidia 319.17 drivers
GPU: nvidia GTX 560 Ti 1GB DirectCU
X.Org server 1.14.1
8GB DDR3-1600
AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3,6Ghz
DE: MATE desktop 1.6

Neverwinter settings: 1920x1080 and everything maxed except bloom(which i just hate)

command to show fps in game: /showfps 1

questing around the world is capped to always 60 FPS (no matter if vsync on or off)
PvP action 50-60FPS
Protectors Enclave (city) - mostly 30-40FPS, in really crowded places drops to 25 FPS

Registry tweaks:
UseGLSL disabled
VideoMemorySize 1024

it almost feels like native game. game itself nicely seems to use 2 cores and wineserver 1 core, leaving 1 of my cores free.

ati drivers are quite a crap sadly:( i dont have any real suggestions for you how to improve performance.