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Question about a phew games

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nankura Saturday 28 September 2013 at 9:27

Hey guys

Ok so basically im thinking of switching to linux, and there is only one thing holding me back and that's 3 games i love to play

1. Tera online
2. Napoleon total war
3. Rome 2 total war

Now according to winehq, both tera and napoleon require custom patch's. and patching wine, especially with the need of so many patch's can be a real pain to do. 

So i was wondering, if anyone knows whether PlayOnLinux has created custom wine version's for these 2 specific game's

These are the only games ive been playing for the past year, if they worked well on linux, id switch pretty quickly

just wondering if anyones had success with these games
booman Friday 4 October 2013 at 21:03

Great questions...
I'm not exactly sure, but I can check when I get home.
There are a LOT of patched versions of Wine available in PlayOnLinux.
AND... you can easily download any version of Wine you want and test it on your game.

Terra Online isn't working so well. Lots of complaints about slowness or not being able to connect.

Napoleon total war isn't looking so good either. You can ask the PlayOnLinux devs to compile a custom version of Wine for you.

Rome 2 total war - Better response to Rome 2. Someone posted a link to a guide: Rome 2 Guide
There are also some other guides on this blog too.

Man, your selection of games is making it hard to migrate over to Linux.
I have tested almost 100 games in PlayOnLinux and I've easily had 90% success.
Some games just don't work. Most do.

I don't play a log of strategy games, but check out my list of games in Linux

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