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Can't run any windows program, only on PlayOnLinux App(GUI)

I can only start windows app thorugh PlayOnLinux App(GUI)

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halomau Tuesday 17 December 2013 at 3:05

Hi, I recently have a problem with PlayOnLinux.

I have Fedora 19 x64 on my Lenovo Y400 laptop.

When I try to run any windows app(Spotify,IE,Safari) using the shortcut or the terminal it shows me this error and doesn't start any program: :(

I don't know what happened, that erorr suddenly appeared.

But when I open any app through PlayOnLinux it starts ANY windows app correctly. :)

I'd like to start the apps by using the shortcut besides opening PlayOnLinux every time.

This is the terminal output when I open PlayOnLinux and start Spotify app:

This is the debugger output:

I hope you can help me solving this issue.  =D