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Can anyone help me get Pokemon TCG Online to work please?

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TheAlphaGamer Wednesday 8 January 2014 at 0:38

I'm a total n00b to gaming on Linux but I would like to play Pokemon TCG online. I got it to kind of work on Ubuntu with some graphical problems but now that I'm on Linux Mint 16 it just crashes without even starting with the error:

"GLContext: failed to share context 140788: Success.

Screen: could not setup GL for resolution (640x360 fs=0 hz=60 window=65622)"

Can anyone help me get it to work please?
booman Monday 13 January 2014 at 19:27

Sorry I didn't see your post earlier.
I have a feeling the proprietary video drivers are not installed in Mint.

You should be able to install them by going to:
1. Menu
2. Administration
3. Driver Packages

I'm going from memory, so forgive me if I am off a bit. You'll find it in Menu and I think its under administration

I just loaded up Mint 16 32-bit over the weekend, so I can troubleshoot it with you.

Also are you using Mint 16 64-bit or Mint 16 32-bit?

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