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How to install steam using PlayOnMac??

Error: no steamconfigservers are online

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hohoho Wednesday 5 March 2014 at 23:38

Error: no steamconfigservers are online. How can i fix this problem?? Steam won't update and it won't start. please help

my internet is perfectly fine
noshbader Thursday 6 March 2014 at 2:42

I'm having the same exact issue.
twotwenty Friday 7 March 2014 at 8:47

I am using play on linux ubuntu 12.04 64bit and I also am getting this issue
twotwenty Friday 7 March 2014 at 8:57

I am having the same issue using wine1.7.13 or 1.7.*

no SteamConfigServers
I use ubuntu12.04 64bit and 4.2.2 POL

I get the same issue when trying to install in wine with a 32bit prefix

winetricks did install it and it worked in a 64bit prefix but installing .net wasd not possible so I could not install skyrim