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Ableton Live 8 - How to install it in Linux with Playonlinux

wrong exe file and other errors

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IlseLiRoos Monday 5 May 2014 at 21:32

Hi everyone

I am new and here is my first run-in wth something I can't figure out.

I am running Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop and have no other operating system installed.
  I have all installation files on my external HD along with all my data.  I have nothing on my internal HD yet.

I want to use Linux and the only thing that help me back before was that I can't use Ableton Live 8 Suite and my EDIROL adio/midi interface.  It only runs on Windows XP and the support has ended, until I ran into this program.

I love Linux and so I want my Recording Studio to run on it as long as I can run Ableton Live 8, EDIROL UA-25EX Audio/MIDI Interface and Adobe Creative Suite 4.

  • Everything else can be replaced or made to run in or through this PlayOnLinux?
  • How do I get it to work?
  • I don't have options to choose from in Configuration of Virtual Drive
Also, do I have to install Windows XP for some programs and if so, can I create a new partitian on the Linux HD for the Windows XP from within Ubuntu?

I have been without a computer for over 3 months now and have figured out to get this far and am very proud of myself for repairing my unrepairable HP Laptop of 7 years old.

Please advise on how to make my system run smooth and so it can handle running Ableton Live 8 without lagging or freezing or being out of synch along with the memmory available.  (I have 2 x 2 GB Memory installed but it only reads 2 GB - can that be changed?)

I am sure someone is very cleaver and knows how to do this with ease - HELP!!!

Ronin DUSETTE Tuesday 6 May 2014 at 0:12

Um, why did you delete a post, then post again?

Also, do not use !!!!!!!!! when typing. It is considered yelling, and rude. :)

You really need to read the documentation for Wine and PlayOnLinux, as you do not really understand how it works.

It also seems that if your computer is only seeing 2 out of 4 gb, that you installed a 32 bit operating system.

I am sure someone is very cleaver and knows how to do this with ease


If you read the documentation on how to use PlayOnLinux, you would see how to install programs. In the Install section of PlayOnLinux, Ableton 8 is listed in there. Install it as per the manual.

If you are looking for the system not being out of sync, you are pretty much SOL with that setup. You will also need to run WineASIO and Jack.

I think a better solution for you would be to use Bitwig instead of Ableton Live. I have used Ableton Live for 15 years, and recently switched to Bitwig Studio. I will not be going back to Ableton any time soon.

It does everything that Ableton can do, and then some, plus it runs on Linux natively, so you can just installed it like any other program. I suggest you check that out. I do not think you are going to have much luck with that hardware and ableton live.

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