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POL Skyrim Graphics Glitch

Glitch is effecting graphics in Cinnamon as well

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german.stacy Thursday 14 August 2014 at 13:29


I'm afraid I'm a very new user to Linux, my husband is a veteran of it but he's currently out of town on a physics experiement and I'm left to my own devices. So I decided to use POL to download Skyrim, as I found it very easy to use when I downloaded Unity.


I didn't have much trouble, a hiccup or two which is normal, and loaded the game.  I loaded it on low settings to see how my computer could handle it, and it fuzzed up a little and loaded the game.  Immediately the game loading screen and the music started to stutter.  I tried to wait it out, thinking this might just be Wine loading it up, but it eventually stalled out completely and I had to use the terminal to close the program.


When I closed the program there was no error message, so I have no script to give you.  In fact, when I went back to look at it, everything was showing as fine.  What was weird was the fact that my desktop was still fuzzy.  Everything looked as though there were lines through it.  I restarted the computer and found that it went away.  I tried the game again, this time at a little better graphical setting, in case it was my own fault for setting it too low, and the same thing happened again.


I apologize if there isn't enough information here.  I was mostly hoping someone might at least recognize the problem. I've been searching google for a few hours now and I haven't found much.  A few things about sound dropping out, but nothing about the graphics also effecting the desk top.  I appreciate any help, and if I have messed up the guidelines, which I hope I haven't, I apologize again.