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Asidis Saturday 29 November 2014 at 2:44

I haven't messed with Linux since about 2000.  I have to say I am very impressed with how its evolved and support has continued to grow.  Kudos to all developers.  I have seen a number of posts already on WoT - I hope I am not duplicating.


AMD Phenom II X4 925

GeForce GT 220/PCIe  1Gb Ram

64 bit

4 Gb RAM

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 4

PoL 4.2.2

Very quickly:  Everything seemed to work correctly.  The installer downloaded and installed into a virtual windows drive and we played one game.  Very impressive.  We made some adjustments to the video settings and closed the game to restart.  Unfortunatley the game wasn't included in the list of installed programs.

The game was "paused" or "canceled" once or twice while downloading.  This didn't seem to affect it - the installer picked up where it left off. During download a progress dialog box poped up but but upon completion of download and install the dialog box failed to allow us to click the next button or "finish."  The game is all there and I don't want to redownload.

Question:  How do we tell PoL to find the file we want to run?

This is the closest forum post I found similar to my own problem but the person figured out how to get it included and running without following up and explaining what he did.

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