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PaintShopPro 7.04

UTF-8 file and folder name problem

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csimeon Saturday 7 February 2015 at 14:57

I've always loved the original PaintShopPro by Jasc.  In my opinion ahead of it's time about 15 years ago.

.Very light, powerful enough and free, then.  After about 2007, Corel purchased the product.

The last version free was 7.04  Corel made this very heavy to run (and to buy).

I am so happy with this program that I have transferred it since with newer PCs and OSs to this day, using it in parallel with other image editors, for quick and easy jobs.

Here comes Ubuntu.


PlayOnLinux works, again!  POL 4.2.5 / Wine 1.7.35 x32


I cannot get international folder and filenames to work. They work for other programs running in the same virtual POL drive (BoxSync).  So it's specific to the app... old app... (good app) 

In PSP7 you can navigate even if the folders with international characters, they show up correctly but attempting to open "invalid file name" if greek characters exist in filename or folder path.

I should add that the same under Windows works.

All help appreciated,



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