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I really need help, guys.

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kybood Thursday 8 October 2015 at 4:35

I'm pretty new to playonlinux (and Ubuntu needless to say) and I have a question some of you more experienced people might be able to answer for me, I'm trying to install Hearthstone and League of Legends and they both have been stuck on a loading screen that says "Please wait while $SOFTNAME is installed" for 2 or so hours, I doubt this has to do with my connection because my internet is pretty decent. I tried to look up $SOFTNAME but I can't find any useful information or at the least anything I can understand. Is this a bug? Is my chromebook not compatible possibly? Or is this just something that truely takes forever to install? Please any help is much appreciated.
kybood Thursday 8 October 2015 at 4:37

I've already tried sudo apt-get install $SOFTNAME
petch Thursday 8 October 2015 at 4:42

In my experience LoL can takes several hours to make any visible progress

I have no experience with Hearthstone

kybood Thursday 8 October 2015 at 4:45

Thanks for letting me know, but the thing is that it hasn't even opened yet, both Hearthstone and LoL are sitting on the Wizard still
petch Thursday 8 October 2015 at 19:56

What release of Ubuntu are you using, and what specific method of installation did you use to install PlayOnLinux (and what version of PlayOnLinux)?