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Installer sometimes missing text, depending how it's launched

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Okto Saturday 24 October 2015 at 19:57

This situation has me really puzzled, so any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcome?

I've just found out how to setup a wine bottle for a game (beasts and bumpkins, PC CD version), and it's working very well with this configuration. Considering you need to do multiple specific things at the same time to make it work, it's a good game to write a script for. The only thing stopping me writing a script for it however is a puzzling problem with the installer missing text in some situations. When I launch it with the script I'm writing, there's no text. However, if I launch it with the "Run a Windows Executable (.exe) file in this Virtual drive" button, it has text and works fine. It's the exact same wine bottle however, so I'm trying to find what could be different between these two ways?

Stargreeter Sunday 25 October 2015 at 13:47

hm, you could include tahoma next to corefonts, or others - looks like the game is in need of more (true-type-) fonts.

Compare: and



POL_Call (script-/shell-command)


POL_Install_tahoma (or) POL_Install_tahoma2



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