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I can not download Adobe AIR

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all4pages Monday 11 April 2016 at 23:15

Hello I want to Install Adobe PS CS6 but the installation breaks by the download of AdobeAIRInstaller.exe

I found some solutions, but they don't work with my system.

What i tried is:

In the "Wine configuration window, click on the "Libraries" tab and where it says "New override for library: " type "dnsapi" (without the quotes), and click "Add" button!


apt-get install liblcms2-2:i386

but always i get the error:

Error in POL_Download_Resource
POL_Download - error during download! (1 attempt)

Do you have any ideas?

I have:

Debian Jessie with Xfce4

Thank you for any help


all4pages Thursday 14 April 2016 at 1:43

Ok i fund now a solution.

I downloaded the AdobeAIRInstaller.exe with my browser an moved it in /usr/share/playonlinux/plugins/

Then i installed this in the Wine console manualy.

Then i installed the Photoshop CS6 again normal with playonlinux and when it breakes up again at the AdobeAIR installation, i klicked ignor or so, after this it installed the PS CS6.

Sometimes i have to start it from the desktop starter icon, sometimes i need to start it 2 times, and sometimes i have to start it in playonlinux. But it starts and works fine.