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How do I use games with Playonlinux properly?

Installing games properly in Playonlinux.

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Sethan Monday 27 June 2016 at 21:58


I want to be a able to play games efficiently through Playonlinux. Here is what I don't understand, and I hope someone can teach me.

1. When I am using windows to play games, directx, for example, would be installed automatically. For Playonlinux, how do you do it? When I looked at winehq or Playonlinux forum, they do not ask you to install directX all the time. I would expect them to list directx is a must, in this case, but I don't see them so much somehow.

2. I used to purchase Codeweaver for three years. It would install so much things for you automatically. However, when I checked with winehq or Playonlinux forum, the way you listed things to be installed are alot less. However, I notice Playonlinux is so much more stable than Codeweaver.

3. I would expect to install dxfullsetup all the time for all directX setup need, but I hardly see much. The same way for Microsoft Core Font, internet explorer, or vcrunXXX. How do you install any of these in Playonlinux properly? Did you install Microsoft Core Font, internet explorer, or vcrunXXX for a game first, and checked Playonlinux log from debug option afterward to see, if any of these would break the game?

4. What if I install games through "Non-listed program", what would I expect to be installed a long with them automatically? What are the actual differences between installing through "Non-listed program" and "Supported Program". I do see Non-listed games work, which means something such as directx were installed automatically without any Playonlinux script.

5. I listed DirectX, Microsoft Core Font, internet explorer, and vcrunXXX here. What else are necessary for a game to perform well.

Thank you.


Linux version: Linux Mint 17.3 (Linux 3.19.0-61-lowlatency x86-64)

Version de POL: PlayOnLinux Version 4.2.10.

Full computer specs: Compaq Presario F763NR with AMD 64 Athlon X2, 2GB RAM, GeForce 7000M / nForce 610M

Sethan Wednesday 6 July 2016 at 6:44

Ok thanks. Now, when you clicked "Configure" for a particular game's virtual drive, what components you would choose to install in a game's virtual drive?