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Inappropritate font scaling in POL GUI after xrandr

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Redchrome Tuesday 15 November 2016 at 15:10

I've been experimenting with PlayOnLinux (v4.2.10-2 on Ubuntu 16.04) under a VMWare Fusion instance (since I'm having problems with Wine and DRI/OpenGL on my workstation, explained here: When I launch a 'bare' X desktop it starts at 800x600. So I adjust the size using 'xrandr --size 1280x1024'. However, if I launch PlayOnLinux after doing the resize, the fonts POL uses are all excessively large, as shown in this screenshot (Firefox in background provides a scale comparison for 'normal' fonts). If I start POL before resizing the desktop, the fonts look normal and stay that way.

Let me know how I can help debug this further.


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