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Desktop Environment Auto-Closing

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Migillope Saturday 14 October 2017 at 4:20

I am attempting to run a game, Smite, through PlayOnLinux. I installed all the necessary libraries for the game.

The first time I loaded up the game, I did not use a desktop environment, and the resolution was very weird. The game went to the bottom right of the screen and the resolution was way too small, and a large portion of the game was not visible. My mouse also appeared in one place but clicked a good distance away.

The second time I tried to load it up, I used a desktop environment. This time, the desktop loaded, but only for a second or maybe two. Then it immediately closed again. I have a GIF of this, but giphy makes it super low-quality for a reason I don't understand. If there is a way to attatch a file I can do that instead. Link:

The third time I thought I was clever, so I opened the wine configuration settings by right-clicking on the game in the POL menu, and this loaded the desktop environment with the settings opened. It did not automatically close this time, and if I ignored the menu I was able to open the game just fine. The game, however, would not full screen completely (my task bar was stil present on the left, and the application name was at the top in a gray bar) and part of the screen was clipping off the bottom and right; this was after changing the game to the proper resolution: 1920x1200.

I would appreciate any help.

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