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Remove bottles doing too much!

Bottles should not uninstall software!

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Aital Tuesday 2 January 2018 at 6:46

I just use the config window to manually remove a bottle. I use remote folders with links to a different hardrive. I manually put in a link and then use it afterwords so It's on the HDD I want. When I remove a bottle manually it has decided to unistall my software that is not in the bottle. Why is it attempting to do this at all as a function. It should simply delete the things in the bottle like the link folder and not touch sub folders.. Why doesn't it just remove the POL related things and not leave my files alone?! I have to redownload a large game now because of this. It even left the bare minimum game files for the game. That means it did something like activate the uninstaller exe.. It should not be attemping to uninstall software for me.. I did not use the uninstall button or anything like it. It activated exe on it's own.. Does no one see a problem with this. All I wanted to do was refresh the bottle. Not delete my game files on another HDD.

I'm assuming this is normal functionality and not a bug.

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