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Total newb, plz help...

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Allexander D.Raven Sunday 28 January 2018 at 13:54
Allexander D.RavenAnonymous

HI everyone,

I swiched from windows to Linux a few months ago...maybe a bit too fast, without any knowladge of it at it was a jorney...but I really like it and thanks to Playonlinux I can even play games.

The problem is that I can't play my favorite game, Mad Games Tycoon. I tryed a lot of things:

Tryed to start it through steam in Playonlinux(I bought it on steam of course and played a lot when I had windovs) but it gets stuck on Loading screen...(If any1 knows a fix that would also be nice)

Tryed useing normal wine and steam windovs version...but there when I start a game i cant see the particles...everithing is black exept a few for eample the mark abowe the characters so I know its working, also music playes...

The version That works the best that I tryed is I doenloaded the game and in the Miscellaneus options in Playonlinux I start the .exe game manualy its works...unfortunatle some texts are missing with I can work with to some extent from memory...but some are game breaking for example when reaserching Topics ai cant read what they are...Im guesing im missing some fonts(have ms corefonts installed as far as I know)

Please help...this game is my comfort game together with gameDev tycoon unfortunately unlike that game Mad Games does not have  a linux version...

I use Linux Mint 1.82

I tried useing a lot of wine versions.

The run .exe method works if I make a 64bit vitual drive, does not work in 32bit.

Sorry for the speling not a native english speaker and if I posted in the wrong place, please notify me if yes so I can moove it. I couldnt find a solution after reaserching a lot on the net...

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