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Changing wine version breaks program

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fracta Monday 5 February 2018 at 0:48



I've been working for several hours now (most of yesterday and now today) to get Oblivion working correctly, with a couple of mods. Having huge head scratching problems there, but one thing I have noticed is, when I change the wine version, it breaks the installation. I can revert back to the original version but the problem remains. Is that normal? I can literally change Wine version, wait for the loading box, then change it back and game is broken.


I have also had issues where I select to make shortcut and the wine box stalls, and htop shows it trying to install gecko. This is wierd because after having this problem, I made certain to have gecko installed.


So far it's been very much a mystical experience, it has been like a black box where I put the same things in one side and different things come out the other side with no obvious logical consistency.


Thanks for help!

booman Thursday 8 February 2018 at 17:36

I've had similar issues with Wine as well.  Like when I create a shortcut, it will hang on a Wine window.  I will have to go to Configure, Wine Tab and kill Wine for it to continue.

One thing I have learned is, when a game crashes or even if you quit certain games, Wine processes are still running.  So in order to to switch to another version of Wine cleanly, you have to go to Configure, Wine Tab and kill all process before selecting another version of Wine.

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