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Can't install .NET or any other component

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Alorksto Sunday 11 October 2020 at 12:22


I'm on a fresh Linux Mint 20 install. I only installed PlayOnLinux, WINE, winetricks, xterm and nothing else.

I try to install the .net 35 and the wmp9, but I can't install them. The download is fine, then when It comes to the install phase, I see the spinning wheel for an insanely long time (8 hours+), It's safe to assume that the install is stuck, even though I can't be sure because there is no progress bar.

Dadu042 Sunday 11 October 2020 at 18:21

.Net v3.5 is very hard to install sad ...

Instead, I recommend .Net v4.0

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Alorksto Tuesday 13 October 2020 at 11:37

Same thing, I get a spinning wheel running forever on fresh Linux mint installs for ANY component