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wine 8.0 needed

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Rosika Friday 17 March 2023 at 17:32

Hi all, smiley

I need wine 8.0 (amd64) for a certain programme to run but when looking on what playonlinux has to offer
(using the the wine-versions tab) I see the latest versions available are 7.22 for "x86" and 6.17 staging for "amd64".

Is there any other way of getting playonlinux to use wine 8.0?

Many thanks in advance
Rosika smiley


my system: Linux/Linux Lite 6.2., 64 bit

John Matt Omen Saturday 18 March 2023 at 6:45
John Matt OmenAnonymous

My playonlinux only lets me update to the wine version of 6.17 (64 bits). Does anyone know why?

DrM1173 Saturday 18 March 2023 at 15:39

At can manually download 64 bit Wine packages and at 32 bit Wine packages.


At" Wine 6.0.2 released, but still not available in PlayOnLinux" there are instructions about correctly installing Wine packages manually into PlayOnLinux.



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Rosika Saturday 18 March 2023 at 17:10

Hi @DrM1173, smiley


thanks for your help and the links.

I followed the instructions given on

but it didn´t work ...

I got hold of wine-devel_8.0-rc2-bionic-1_amd64.deb . I also created the folder 8.0 in .PlayOnLinux/wine/linux-amd64 and wanted to put the respective contens in it. But there are only bin and share available.

So there´s no include and lib64 available. sad I tried it anyway but it didn´t work.


Many greetings from Rosika smiley

booman Sunday 19 March 2023 at 17:37

I agree, the PlayOnLinux Wine Manager hasn't updated any 64-bit version of Wine past 6.17

We would love to have Wine 7.0 and 8.0 available!

Otherwise I have been using Proton and Proton GE instead.


Any time I install install a new prefix manually I can only select a 32-bit version of Wine, but when I switch to 64-bit prefix there isn't a version availabe for 7.0 so I have to stick with 6.0 and then switch to Proton later in the Configure menu

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