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otty Monday 20 October 2008 at 23:19

Use the script from rep to install the NWN2. Should work for the Standard, Chaos and Good Edition.

To do the trick with compiz:

Set an virtual Desktop for NWN2 ( WineConfing in POL Menu ) with the same size as your standard resolution. Start NWN and enable fullscreen mode. Voila - compiz still works.

Disabling Bloom may help on slowdowns, but on my system ( QuadCore + GF8600 Kernel 2.6-25) NWN runs as slow as on Windows ( yeah i hate NWN2 for its poor performance....).

Some fonts may missing - for me just in Main menu ( therefore i dont care ) but if if you find other bugs like this - please post.

Tested the game for some time and no other bugs occur related to wine/POL.

It is recommend that you install NWN2 under windows, patch it per updater or manualy and replace the files in your linux environment ( i did it this way ).

If not, try this:

get all patches from NWN2 Website and place the Archives in the ovverride directory.
change the run script from wine starting "nwn2main.exe" to "NWN2Launcher.exe" and start NWN2 the usual way.
Now click as often as updates install on the "Update" button, let the updates perform and reverse the changes to the NWN2 run script.

Using the Launcher to start NWN2 causes problems on my sys - try yourself.

greetz otty
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