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Path problem using non-system wine default in POL

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diziet Tuesday 6 January 2009 at 3:09

if the default wine version for POL is set to anything other than 'system' then before a script is run that version is added to the front of the path variable- perfectly reasonable. then when an installed game script is run the path for the assigned wine version for that game is added to the front of the path - again perfectly reasonable,


in konsole, running the script results in the wine version from the first version listed in the path running - as it should. but in the POL debugger the wine version from the second path in the path variable runs - which i totally cannot explain.

to demonstrate i have altered my steam script to simply echo the path and then return the wine version, as follows:

export WINEPREFIX="/home/diziet/.PlayOnLinux/wineprefix/Steam"
export WINEDEBUG="-all"
cd "/home/diziet/cedega_games/steam"

echo $PATH
#wine "steam.exe" $@

wine --version

look what happens when i run the script in konsole:

$ cd .PlayOnLinux/configurations/installed/

set the path to include a wine version:

$ PATH="/home/diziet/.PlayOnLinux/WineVersions/0.9.60/usr/bin:$PATH"

$ echo $PATH

$ ./Steam

now look what happens in POL debugger when i've set the default version to 0.9.60

PlayOnLinux Console

PlayOnLinux: ~/.PlayOnLinux > echo $PATH

PlayOnLinux: ~/.PlayOnLinux > cd configurations/installed/

PlayOnLinux: ~/.PlayOnLinux/configurations/installed > ./Steam

see that despite version 1.1.11 appearing first in the path - and we know it exists - version 0.9.60 is used, and of course will be used for all games since it is the default version that POL adds to the path before any game script is run - even though it should be superceded by the game script path setting.

this makes no sense to me but the evidence is there, something odd with paths.
it occurred to me that the problem might be with xterm since the POL debugger looks exactly like xterm to me, but running xterm from konsole - to get the environment - gives what you'd expect:

$ echo $PATH
$ ./Steam

can anyone reproduce this?