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rhastingsnz Wednesday 4 March 2009 at 10:37

HI people
Am new to Linux (MEPIS)
Am having all the problems of transfering from microsoft, but am getting frustrated with what I fell should be simple things.
I have a Pentium 4 system with 1.2 gig Memory and 256 video card, I am learning Linux as quick as I can. I installed playonlinux which took me a day and a half to make it work on the desktop, then I finally get the chance to try a game.
Starcraft, load it in, load the key code and then it tells me I can only play if I own the Disk.
Seriously, I love linux, but can the smart people please make it easier for us who just want to enjoy a simple life.
I am happy to learn the basic's and to all you smart people out there when you are explaining things on how to do things, please remember, where it seems crystal clear to you, us dummies, who have been programing in dos for so long that it takes a sledge hammer with a feather attached to make us understand.
Be UNDERSTANDING of us less fortunate in the understanding of trhe symplicity of Linux.
EXAMPLE. I have been working with dos since the 1980's, but now I can not talk to my computer.
How do I make Star craft work.
marieuh Wednesday 4 March 2009 at 11:30


to help us be more understanding, please launch playonlinux from your console (ie type playonlinux in your console) and then try to launch the game. If something is wrong with pol, you should get an error message; when /if you do please paste it here so that we can see what's wrong.

If there is a problem, fill out complaint form and place it in an envelope addressed to the name of the hospital in which you were born....