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NSLW Saturday 2 May 2009 at 11:17

1) PlayOnLinux won't start

a) Install the following packages through you package manager:

b) Remove (backup before if you wish) the "~/.PlayOnLinux" directory

2) My game won't work

a) I'm using 64-bit Linux
-check if you've got 32-bit graphics drivers installed

b) Check if you've got 3D acceleration
-go to Settings->System
-press GLXInfos and search for "direct rendering: Yes"
-press 3D Test and after 20 seconds close it

For NVIDIA and ATI cards (on proprietary drivers), it shouldn't be less than 2000 fps.
For Intel cards it varies from 300 to 800 fps.

c) Download the latest available Wine version
-go to Tools->Manage Wine versions
-select version with highest available number in the "Available Wine Versions:" frame
-press +Add and wait until it's downloaded
-switch to My Applications tab
-select your application in "My Applicatons:" frame
-select downloaded Wine version in "Version:" combobox
-press Close

d) Check if the game worked for someone on the WINE HQ AppDB

e) Your game may need illegal stuff to run on Linux. Read more about that here and here.

f) Download and install Advanced Wine Configuration plug-in and with its help, set
-"OffscreenRenderingMode" to "backbuffer"
-"VideoMemorySize" to "YourVideoMemorySize"

g) For Intel graphics cards older than Intel i965
- select your application
- press Configure this application and press Forward
- select Registry editor and press Forward
- go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Wine\\Direct3D
- create a new String value there and name it UseGLSL
- set the value to disabled
- close that window

h) Read How to explain your problems and post your problem

3) My game works slow

a) Turn off one of the compositing window managers listed below:
b) Download and install the Advanced Wine Configuration plug-in and with its help, set
-"OffscreenRenderingMode" to "fbo"
-"VideoMemorySize" to "YourVideoMemorySize"
c) If it's a 2D game (like AgeOfEmpires or Starcraft) then you can try to compile Wine from sources with DIB Engine patch

4) The game asks for next CD during installation from multiple CDs

a) copy each CD to a separate directory on your hard drive
b) after giving a name for the new prefix, choose Yes when "Do you want to configure your prefix before installing your application?" appears
c) switch to Drives tab
d) press Add... and then Browse...
e) point to your first CD directory
f) press Show Advanced
g) select CD-ROM in "Type:" combobox
h) press Apply
i) repeat steps d) e) f) g) h) for every CD

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