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gnome terminal missing in 3.7.1 ?

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JohanSamyn Friday 13 November 2009 at 21:19

I just upgraded to POL 3.7.1 and in the Settings->General screen the "Default terminal" choices are "xterm" and "konsole". But in the 3.6.1 version I also had the "terminal" choice, and/or a "Default" choice. Why is that third one omitted in the new version ? Or is this a bug ? As I'm working under Gnome, the missing choice is my only option (and I'd rather not install another terminal app ;-) ). Can somebody explain me how to get it back please ?

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Quentin PÂRIS Saturday 14 November 2009 at 21:54
Quentin PÂRISAnonymous

gnome-terminal exists only with debian repository version.

NSLW Saturday 14 November 2009 at 21:56

It exists also in Fedora repository.
JohanSamyn Monday 16 November 2009 at 8:30

Ok, guys, thanks for answering. I guess I shouldn't have upgraded 'manually'.