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Problem launching POL on pclinuxos

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maibil8r Saturday 5 December 2009 at 7:23


I have been trying to get POL to work on pclinuxos, I'm using synaptic to download it and synaptic has installed POL and all dependencies, no problems there (version 3.72 pclos 2010)

I've double checked the dependancies as listed on the sticky, the only thing I saw that might be amiss is wxpython has been replaced by wxpythongtk (wxpythongtk description says it makes wxpython obsolete).

when I launch POL in terminal nothing happens.... I find that strange because in the past whenever I've launched POL (and there has been a problem) it usually spits out an error of some sort.

I used a system monitor tool and can see three playonlinux processes running, no output is generated at the terminal, no gui messages pop up etc

please help