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Steam: Battlefield Bad Company 2

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capcadetjc Sunday 28 February 2010 at 18:12

First of all, hello everyone. I am brand new to linux and absolutely loving it. I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 and upgraded to 9.10 about a week ago. I have had success installing Office 2007 with wine and was able to get steam to install. The only problem with steam is that the news area never loads. I am on a MacBook Pro 4.1.


I had steam download and install the BC2 beta. When I start the beta the computer looks like its loading but then that taskbar display goes away and it never loads.


Do you think this problem can be fixed, what is some more information I can provide, and do you think Battlefield Bad Company 2 will be a popular game on linux?

Thanks for all your help and time in advance

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