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POL Install with Wine-Git?

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ShapeShifter499 Sunday 7 March 2010 at 5:09

Hi, on my current computers I own, I install wine using the latest wine-git repo, pol's current deb file doesn't see this install of wine, so I'd like to know if its ok to bypass pol's wine install by forcing the deb to install? And will pol work on x86-64 ubuntu systems? or just x86? Cuz I never tried installing pol on an x86-64 linux system before.

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Dr Phil Monday 8 March 2010 at 0:36
Dr Phil

I think it should be possible.
Go to ~/.PlayOnLinux/WineVersions and take a look. You will simply see all the already installed versions.
Inside the maps there are a few files, I think they are representing the files a usual wine-installation puts up on your computer. Try to copy all the files from your system and put them in a new map called bleeding-edge or whatever (or even better, just make syslinks to them, so they will update when you install a new version a few days later). If you look at one of the existing folders you'll understand how it should be, ~/.PlayOnLinux/WineVersions/bleeding-edge/usr/ is the same as /usr/, ~/.PlayOnLinux/WineVersions/bleeding-edge/usr/bin is the same as /usr/bin/ etc.

I have not tried to run an application like this, but I could see that PlayOnLinux recognized the new version.
(I have not looked at the source, and all this is just smart guesses..)

I think PlayOnLinux will work on 64bit-systems too, since it is written in Python. ^^
And I am pretty sure that most Wine-users use the 32bit-version, even if they are on a 64bit-platform.