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Are the versions of wine POL installs vanilla?

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diziet Tuesday 27 April 2010 at 1:05

Hi, occasionally I go to the forum on to see if i can find a reason my games don't work as I wish, often I see replies to other posts on the forum where POL is mentioned that refer the poster to use vanilla wine before posting any problems. I have always assumed that POL is merely a front end to launching specific prefixes and wine versions but that the wine versions themselves would be straight from; however I noticed on the winehq site that there are no simple tarball downloads for wine so my question is:
where does POL get the wine versions from? Are they compiled straight from vanilla source by a POL dev or are patches added? Are they i486/i586 etc.?

With enough info I might be able to get answers to questions on the winehq forum without lying about the specifics of my wine installation :)


p.s. keep up the good work!
NSLW Thursday 29 April 2010 at 15:50

POL doesn't produce Wine :) It's obvious that Wine comes from It's compiled on Debian Lenny then it's striped then it's packaged so when you get it you can use it without compiling it. Some Wines are patched under way (e.g. Wine for GTA IV ) but that does mean that installation script substitutes one of the files in vanilla Wine.