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[script] Settlers II 10th Anniversary

can someone please test this script?

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marco_g Saturday 29 May 2010 at 22:53

This is a simple script to install Settlers II. On WineHQ people complained about Fog of War. I did not encounter any problems (using an nvidia card). Can people please test this script to see if this works?

Furthermore, I have tested this script using a private copy of the game. I hope someone can test this game and give feedback on if a no cd crack is required or not. Can I send this in for validation, even if it was only tested using a backup?

# Date : (2010-05-29)
# Last revision : (2010-05-29)
# Wine version used : 1.1.44
# Distribution used to test : Ubuntu 9.10
# Author : Marco Gerards
# Licence : GPLv3
# Depend : none

[ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit 0
source "$PLAYONLINUX/lib/sources"

TITLE="The Settlers II 10th Anniversary"
AUTHOR="Marco Gerards"

convert "$HOME/.local/share/icons/$2" -geometry 32X32 "$REPERTOIRE/icones/32/$1"

wget --output-document="$REPERTOIRE/tmp/leftnotscaled.png"
convert "$REPERTOIRE/tmp/leftnotscaled.png" -scale 150x356\\! "$REPERTOIRE/tmp/left.jpeg"
POL_SetupWindow_Init "" "$REPERTOIRE/tmp/left.jpeg"

POL_SetupWindow_presentation "$TITLE" "Blue Byte Software" "" "$AUTHOR" "$PREFIX"
select_prefix "$PREFIXDIR"

# Let the user select a CDROM

# Check if this CDROM is the correct CDROM.  Unfortunately there is
# not much to check for.
POL_SetupWindow_check_cdrom "/LeggiMi.doc"

POL_SetupWindow_install_wine "$WORKINGWINEVERSION"



# Install the game
POL_SetupWindow_wait_next_signal "Installing game..." "$TITLE"
wine "$CDROM/setup.exe"

Set_SoundDriver "oss"

PROGRAMFILES="Program Files" 

# Make a short cut
POL_SetupWindow_make_icon_for_shortcut "$TITLE" "*_s2dng.0.png"
POL_SetupWindow_make_shortcut "$PREFIX" "$PROGRAMFILES/Ubisoft/Funatics/The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary/bin" "S2DNG.exe" "" "$TITLE"

# Done!
POL_SetupWindow_message "$TITLE installed\\n\\nYou will need a no cd crack to run $TITLE"


NSLW Sunday 30 May 2010 at 8:39

Instead of advising the use of crack please add
POL_SetupWindow_message_image "Please note that this game has a copy protection system\\nand sadly, it prevents Wine from running the game.\\n\\nPlayOnLinux will not provide any help concerning any illegal\\nstuff." "Note about copy protection" "$PLAYONLINUX/themes/tango/warning.png"

The rest of the script seems to be correct.
neca Wednesday 26 September 2012 at 14:40


When running it, I get "failed to update/create default01.cfg"
Someplace, I read this file can be found in "C: |users||My Documents|S2|users", so
- I replaced the symlink drive_c/users/login_name/My Documents (was pointing to /home/login_name) with a real mkdir -p drive_c/users/login_name/My Documents/S2/users
- I touched a file named default01.cfg there

Nothing got better, still getting the same err message.
I my log file, I see no reference to this file.