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Counter strike source: No sound,corrupted text and crash

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roby65 Saturday 8 January 2011 at 17:07

Hi guys,
i'm new to playonlinux as my window partition got damaged and i'm sick of windows
I have a lot of games on steam, such as counter strike,mass effect, left 4 dead 2...

For now i only would like to play counter strike source, but here's the problems:
1)I have no sound (i already selected driver ALSA in wine configuration)
2)In the menu and in the console, there strings have missing chars (also the text in the console cannot be read as it has strange chars)
3)After 5 secs that i join a game, it crashes (before i choose the team)

I tried launching the game from steam and from playonlinux main menu, same results :cry:

Can someone suggest me what to do?


Edit: Changing audio from 5.1 to 2 speakers solved the audio problem, and running on windowed solved fonts problem, but it still crashes after i join a server....

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