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Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword


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rccypher Thursday 23 June 2011 at 1:48

Tested on Debian Lenny x86 fully patched and updated as of june 13 2011

Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword

Using PlayOnLinux

A general tutorial

I have tested this on my own system. I offer no guarantees that it will work. This process is what worked for me.

First install the latest version of Wine and PlayOnLinux on your system.
There are many guides on how to do this all over so I will not cover it here.

Next, use the add program feature to install and update civ 4 to v1.74

Go to

Under the wine section download PlayOnLinux-wine-1.3.3.pol

Open playonlinux on your system.
Click the install button
On the bottom of the selection window there is a link called Install a .pol package or an unsupported application.
Click this link, select install a .pol package
Point this at PlayOnLinux-wine-1.3.3.pol
This will complete with no feedback
Next click the install button from the main PlayOnLinux window again.
Again select Install a .pol package or an unsupported application.
Select manual installation
select forward
select edit an existing prefix
select your civilization 4 install prefix
select the box “Assign a wine version to a program”
In the drop down select 1.3.3
Point the program at the setup.exe file located at the root of the install media. If you are using a cd this should be easily located in your places list. If you mounted the iso point to the directory in which you mounted it and again to the setup.exe file.
Allow the game to run and install normally

I will stop here as the rest should be self explanatory. If you have issues. Play around until you figure it out. The important things here are to use playonlinux to install civ4 and patch civ4, then to make sure you use the 1.3.3.pol package as the assigned wine version. Also if you patch BTS also install it manually with the 1.3.3.pol package.

I hope this helps others as it took me a LONG time to hunt all of this down and put it together.