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Very simple question... Problem with integrated graphics

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flan3002 Thursday 15 September 2011 at 15:04

Hello at all,
I am new at the forum und just wanted to ask if anyone could tell me how I
can start the installed Portal 2 on Linux.
It works with the integrated graphics (Intel GMA HD) and the dedicated graphics card
(nVidia GT540m) is also working in other programms. But I need a line of text, which I can type into the terminal. I used Google and the forum search and didn't found anything. Im not that familiar with Linux commands (as im using Ubuntu 11.04, I don't need them), so it would be great if anyone could give me the command, I have to use to start the game with more fluent graphics. Normally I have to type:
"optirun64 glxgears" to start the gl(mini)benchmark with the GT540m and it works.

flan3002 ;)