KotoR 2 issues

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blargle Mardi 16 Juillet 2013 à 1:54

just downloaded playonmac and all that good stuff, downloaded and updated steam etc.  steam and everything runs fine, but the moment I launch KotoR 2 it gets all wonky.  I allowed to readjust the resolution, so it does some glitchy stuff on the screen, I wait a little bit, and the menu screen comes up, and I can launch the game but the intro (along with the opening lucas arts/obsidian logo) got blacked out, even though I could hear the Star Wars music playing.  the gameplay part of the game seems to work fine, played around for a few mins with no problems - but are all my cinematic's going to glitch out on me?  my mouse pointer also remains invisible unless I hold down left click, which gets annoying really fast.  anyone know how I might solve said issues?
Ronin DUSETTE Mardi 16 Juillet 2013 à 2:02


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