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chain2k Saturday 26 January 2008 at 12:09

Hello, I made POL Russian translation
I'll send e-mail for Tinou with lngpack
as I saw there are some menu in POL without translation options, for example in repository choice and in 3D tests menu. I changed ../playonlinux/bash/options/repository and ../playonlinux/bash/options/tests a little with substitution of LNG_CHOICE from language pack, but there are still some menu without translation
So, I'll send for Tinou ru_RU.UTF-8 with amended bug:
repository and tests scripts

and some suggestions:
it would be great to add menu "run with command line options", sometimes it's very convenient
and add possibility to run any .exe from gnome shell with POL
thank you for your work
and sorry for my english)
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