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Skyrim script is currently not working

Fixed.. partially! :)

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nekoxmachina Wednesday 22 January 2014 at 2:13

Hi everyone!
Thanks for the awesome Wine GUI. thanks! Really! :)
I've had a problem with Skyrim.
At this particular moment the last installation script from Repo doesn't work for Steam installation - e.g. it just fails to start Steam no matter what I do (including Hack Steam fix from Configure menu).

This is fixable with little change to current script:


Nextly, it installs just fine, but gives a non-pretty black screen right after intro. Controls probably work (when I try to access steam overlay, it doesn't show up visually, but shows my systemwide cursor).

This, actually, is a bumblebee problem.
Somehow in the logs I see that my Intel videocard is used when I try to run Skyrim from POL.

As I've found on the forums, primus was never integrated into playonlinux, thus I've ran the playonlinux itself using primusrun.

When I export Wineprefix to ~/.playonlinux/wineprefixes/Skyrim & execute 
$primusrun wine blah blah
Skyrim runs without a problem.


Any ideas what am I missing?
booman Thursday 23 January 2014 at 0:09

Try turning off the Steam overlay. It has affected all of my Steam games and causes them to crash. There has not been a fix yet, but I hope someone finds a solution.

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