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tovical Friday 31 January 2014 at 0:38

I'm new to PlayOnLinux (and Linux in general) but I'm trying out Baldur's Gate and I am having a minor issue.

Baldur's Gate is installed and working mostly fine (I'm having audio problems, but I'm sure that's nothing to do with PlayOnLinux). I installed the patch and it appears to have applied - I've opened the readme file from the Baldur's Gate startup window and it shows the correct post-patch version.

However, when I open the ini file to change the Path Search Nodes, that entry does not exist in the ini file. I would imagine this can easily be fixed by manually adding the line myself, but I'm still too new to this and unsure if that will be a good idea.

It might help to know that in my various attempts at learning Linux, I've had Baldur's Gate installed before by simply using Wine, and the patch did everything correctly that way.

PlayOnLinux Version: 4.2.1
Linux Version: Mint Petra (Cinnamon)
Daerandin Saturday 1 February 2014 at 13:27

There should be no problems with editing the ini file normally. If you are worried about messing things up, you can easily make a copy of the files you are going to edit, or simply make a copy of the whole virtual drive you used for installing the game.

As for sound issues, this may be a long shot but do give 'pavucontrol' a try. You should find it in the Mint repos. It is a very good configuration utility for PulseAudio and I am frankly surprised that many distros don't include it by default. Just to use a simple exmaple, when I gave Ubuntu a try, it would not recognize the microphone on my Razer Megalodon headset, but with pavucontrol it was just a matter of selecting the correct configuration for my headset in a drop-down menu.
tovical Thursday 6 February 2014 at 23:50

While I'm still not sure why the ini file didn't update, I believe I've figured out the sound problem (editing the ini file myself worked out great, btw, so many thanks for that).

It turns out that (with my computer at least) Baldur's Gate was not very good at switching between desktop activity and the game. The biggest culprit was the hot-corner I kept hitting with the mouse. After turning that off, my audio problems with the game are practically nonexistent.

At any rate, I also downloaded the pavucontrol app you recommended and was glad I did. I don't often need to use an audio control panel, but it appears to offer exactly what I'll need when I someday do.