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World of tanks no longer working

Please wait while vcrun2008 spl1 x86 is installed

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lshantz Tuesday 27 May 2014 at 23:00

About 2 months ago, WOT did a major update. I have been unable to play since. It loads until I click on connect. It says the server is not connecting, Long story short, the server is looking for ports on my end that the game is not listening to, so it fails to connect. I gave up on a resolution and deleted. I was going to try installing from scratch and now after selecting World of Tanks, it pops up a window that says: Please wait while vcrun2008 spl1 x86 is installed. It just sits there. I left it all night to make sure I was not being impatient.

I would delete Playonlinux and reinstall, but do not want to lose some of the other applications that are loaded and working. I did a force update to reinstall, but no change. Anyone experience this, and or know a work around? How can I delete Playonlinux and reinstall, without losing my current applications?

Thanks in advance.