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Neverwinter online crashes

LLVM ERROR: ran out of registers during register allocation

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zivunho Sunday 30 November 2014 at 0:32

This happens to most of the games, so let's take that into matter (debug info is in the subtitle).

Games run, but when they load and are supposed to go beyond main menu, they crash with "LLVM ERROR: ran out of registers during register allocation" error.

First to eliminate all the things I already tried:

-Different Wine versions (32, 64 bit, 1.7.10 - 1.7.31) -Install/Uninstall Wine components -Display options -With and without emulating virtual desktop

I tried everything I can think of. Then I tried with the drivers. I'm using open drivers for my graphics card, and here are my specs:

AMD Athlon II X4 3.2 GHz

AMD R7 250 1GB DDR5


Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Kernel updated to 3.16.0 (I tried to run the games with the old one, and the result is the same as with this updated version)

So, on the drivers part: I tried to run the games with the proprietary driver and they run without crash, but the performance is plain awful, very low FPS on very low graphic settings. Even the system interface is slower than open one. In the end I tried Dota 2 (linux version) just to see the difference, and the open driver work way much better, so much it's ridiculous.

I returned to my open driver, cause the AMD one just sucks, but the wine games don't work.

So I'm looking for any kind of help or the advice what the solution may be.

Thank you.


booman Wednesday 3 December 2014 at 0:47

Oh man... your last few sentences sums-it-up

AMD drivers aren't very good and open-source won't give you the performance you need for a lot of games.
Is this a laptop or desktop?

Most of my games run really well because of my GeForce 550 Ti card and Nvidia drivers.

My biggest suggestion is to get a GeForce card.  Of course that means spending money.  If you have a laptop, then its just not possible.  You will be stuck with the integrated video chip

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