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LoL on Ubuntu 14.10 stopped working

during game load where 5 chars are having percents updated, goes for a while then locks up ubuntu hard reboot required

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ike2702 Saturday 11 April 2015 at 19:32

wow, never seen a program lock up ubuntu where I couldn't get a ctrl-alt-F1 to bring up a console and reset the lightdm process and fix.  LoL use to work fine about a month ago, haven't used it in a while.

Updated Ubuntu to all latest sw on 14.10, latest kernel, etc.

Start LoL fine, login fine, edit my char change masteries fine, start/join game fine, select char fine, then if game loads quick, i've seen LOL freeze while my teemo is at the home base, when loading slow, LOL freezes while 5 chars are loading and various %'s are increasing, then after a time, locks up before I see the home screen.

I've got two different ubuntu 14.10's and they are BOTH doing the same thing locking up.  On one, I'm seeing an error that suggests a firewall might be stopping connection during loading of chars or just after that when game screen should show home base.

Thoughts?  Anyone else?