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League of Legends Patcher Crashes On Patching

Haven't been able to play at all yet, Help

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drewtylerj Friday 27 November 2015 at 21:51

Not sure the problem.

Running Trusty Tahr now after downgrading to try and make sure I would be able to run a stable wine version that works. Not sure what the issue is, the percent that it gets stuck on before crashing is not consistently the same.


Here is the pastebin:

patrickstarpants Wednesday 9 December 2015 at 0:17

I have the exact same problem!

HatedPro Thursday 17 December 2015 at 2:16

1. Have you tried doing the first and second steps listed here from the wiki?

2. You could also try running it on the Wine version 1.7.52-LeagueOfLegends5 if not done so already.

3. A third possible solution is to remove League of Legends from PlayOnLinux but NOT remove the virtual drive when prompted and follow the step by step GUIDE made by one of our members here: booman

4. Another important note to add is to switch up your drivers one by one in the Additional Drivers app and try launching League one at a time; that fixed some issues I had for it as well as other games.

5. Finally under League's PlayOnLinux Configuration under the Display Tab I have GSLS Support: Enabled as well as my Video Memory Size: 1024.

~ Please do tell me if anything here works because I've pretty much had to download League from scratch 3 times and I've done it flawlessly the second and third time after following some of these steps. Some of these solutions are primarily used for different scenarios but could possibly solve your problem.

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